About Us

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     Here at the United Methodist Church of Eagle Valley we serve our congregation and community as a Christ-centered, mission-oriented and socially conscious church.  We have been a part of this community since 1896.  We are involved, committed, diverse, and open, welcoming all.  We have a history of initiating ministries related to education, employment, and health issues.  We like to tell the story of God’s redeeming grace.  One measure of a church is how it serves its community, and at the United Methodist Church of Eagle Valley, we strive to be actively and creatively involved.


     While we trust free inquiry in Christian doctrine, four things guide our faith:  scripture, tradition, experience and reason.  The Bible is of primary importance, the record of God’s people living out his promises.  The United Methodist Church is a 12.5-million-strong global church that opens hearts, opens minds and opens doors through active engagement with our world.


     John Wesley and the early Methodists placed primary emphasis on Christian living, on putting faith and love into action. This emphasis on what Wesley referred to as “practical divinity” has continued to be a hallmark of United Methodism today.


     Check out the site of our global church at www.umc.org by clicking here.