Our dedicated nursery is located on the second floor next to our Children’s Church rooms.  It is a IMG_2051bright, clean, equipped space for our youngest members, ages 3mo to 4 years old.  We strive for interactive materials of play and light learning for those old enough to enjoy.  Our babies are cared for with love and attention to their needs.  Parents, please bring a bag with particular supplies such as diapers and snacks.  We have some snacks on hand and a few necessities as well.  We look forward to caring for your child. 

If you would like to volunteer to be a part of our nursery caregivers, or if you have items to donate to the nursery, please contact Cynthia Sibley at 970-376-0109,

No advance registration is required but before leaving your child with us, we require the completion of the form listed and linked below.  Thank you!

Children’s NURSERY-registration